easybell: the company

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Where we come from

Our employees work all over Europe, but our home is Berlin.

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Where we go

We are working for a future where the whole world is connected.

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How we work

Fairness and respect are the cornerstones of our work. Only together can we achieve more.

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What we can do

Telecommunications is complex. We make it simpler and more accessible.

Our base

easybell was founded in 2006 and is a Berlin-based Internet and telephony provider. With us, both business and private customers get reliable and fair products. Our offer includes VoIP telephony, SIP trunks and the Teams Connector for MS Teams integration. We stand for flexibility, transparency and simplicity – that's why our tariffs can be cancelled monthly, we have no hidden costs, and many additional services are included in our service. True to our motto:

Simple. Professionally. Connected.

Our Mission

Our goal is to simplify complex telecommunications services so that we can provide businesses with convenient, reliable and flexible solutions. How do we achieve this? By reducing products to their core function, by using intuitive interfaces and a high degree of automation in the background. In addition, we’re keen to use up-to-date components in both products and services.

We are the ideal partner for companies of all sizes and want to become a "silent companion" for them, break down communicative barriers – and thus make the world a little better. Our mission is:

Simple and flexible telecommunications for every business.

Our Values

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We know what we can do, and our customers know it too: professional telephony without frills. We retain our customers through sensible products, good service and well thought-out services instead of long contract periods. It is part of our self-conception that we continuously acquire new knowledge and skills.

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Our corporate structure is characterized by flat hierarchies and short, efficient decision paths. This allows us to respond more flexibly to customers' wishes or new developments within the industry than large competitors. We offer our customers maximum flexibility with easily scalable products without minimum terms.


Our products are highly available. We work independently and proactively to solve problems. We comply with self-imposed standards as well as governmental and social requirements. Our customers can rely on our statements and promises as much as on our products.

Our facts and figures

Over 1 billion

minutes of telephony per year

Over 340,000

active SIP channels

Over 50,000

Seats in our cloud PBX

Over 30,000

companies use easybell

About 14 000

positive reviews with an average of 4.99 out of 5 stars


availability of our SIP Servers


years of experience in telecommunications


month contract period for all tariffs